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Brazil: How Glenn Greenwald consolidated in the international media the image that is really a coup d’etat/Como Glenn Greenwald consolidou na mídia internacional a imagem de que é sim um golpe

How Glenn Greenwald consolidated in the international media the image that is really a coup d’etat. By Paulo Nogueira
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Useless spending public money and send people like Senator Aloysio Nunes to Washington in an attempt to win hearts and minds to the international coup d’etat.

Useless also  provincial journalists as the Globo Network screech under command of their employers to try to deny the coup to the world community.

It is a game that is set - and not just because coup is a coup. There is a decisive factor in this: Glenn Greenwald.

Who knows the work in a newsroom knows how journalists move in turbulent times in a country that is not theirs.

To learn and begin to form an opinion, they seek, first and foremost, local journalists who  they admire and respect.

Greenwald, who decided some years ago to live in Brazil, meets both requirements.

He is  a journalistic who has  authority in the United States, where he was born and graduated as a reporter, and in England, where he was one of the most respected voices in the Guardian.

He  is what many American journalists and British search counsels and consults to learn more about Brazil.

They rely on their knowledge, in his judgment, in its entirety.

Not only  make a call to him seeking subsidies. But also make  interviews, as did recently CNN.

Whos is the journalist  linked to the impeachment has, among foreign journalists, the attributes of Greenwald?

Merval Pereira from Globo TV?  Reinaldo Azevedo from “Veja” magazine? Ricardo Noblat from Folha de São Paulo? Diego Mainardi from Globo News? Diego Escosteguy? Miriam Leitão from Globo TV? Carlos A. Sardenberg from Globo TV? Wllian Waack from Globo TV?  Willian Bonner from Globo TV? Erick Bretas from  Globo TV  fantasized of Sergio Moro? Ali Kamel from Globo TV , taken up by  his “Magnum”  book  “We're Not Racists”?

There is not just the language barrier in these cases. But above all the respectability, the prestige, reliability.

It was a real question before. And became impassable after Greenwald, that in a spasm of sincerity, said in the interview that made with former presidente Lulada Silva  to be shocked by the biases and political militancy of the Brazilian press.

It is not journalism what the national media does, it is rightist propaganda.

Foreign journalists reported, of course, the evaluation of Greenwald on Globo network, Veja,  etc.

More recently, Greenwald spoke again on  the Brazilian press. More specifically, the Veja, who attacked him in an article with the same pattern of praising Marcela Temer (wife of Michel Temer, vice-president) for being "beautiful, discreet and a  home woman."

He said take the attack as a compliment, because the look is a "joke." He said they might give the framed page to hang on the wall of your home.

The image of the national media abroad was non-existent. Now, it is what Greenwald said about them.

There is nothing new to the Brazilians, who know the pseudojornalísticos horrors committed by media corporations by the  owners of Globo network from  the Family Marinho, the  family  Civitas owners of the Veja Magazine,  and  the Family Frias who owns the newspaper Folha de São Paulo.

But for foreign newsrooms was a novelty. A bad novelty.

The diagnosis of the coup made by Greenwald would be reinforced, for journalists from outside, the grotesque spectacle of the Lower House in which corrupt said yes to impeachment with arguments that were like something out of a tabloid.

The game of  image ( propaganda) to the foreign countries is lost to the  golpists, whatever the outcome of the coup itself.

For the public coffers, it is better to save money as the expense to send Aloysio Nunes to Washington on an impossible mission: to show that the coup is not  a coup.

Paulo Nogueira
About the author

The journalist Paulo Nogueira is founder and editor of the news site and analysis www.diariodocentrodomundo.com.br

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