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May Day Greetings to All Revolutionaries Declaration of the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency

May Day Greetings to All Revolutionaries
Declaration of the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT), 27 April 2015,

The Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT) sends its warmest greetings to all revolutionaries around the world who fight against all forms of exploitation and oppression! For 125 years the working class has commemorated May Day as its day of unity and struggle.
We send our greetings to the resistance fighters in Yemen who are heroically standing up against the barbaric bombing campaign of the al-Saud gang and its clique of allied kings and dictators. We call for the defeat of the reactionary coalition of the rulers of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Egypt, Morocco, Sudan, and Jordan, and for the victory of the national resistance struggle of the Yemeni people. We call for the formation of independent workers’ and popular councils and militias to lead the national resistance struggle and to carry it forward to revolution.
We add our greetings to the courageous militants, who are offering tenacious resistance on the streets – despite the most horrendous massacres –against the butcher of the Egypt people, General as-Sisi. We call for a successful Intifada of the workers, youth, and poor against the military regime. We demand the immediate release of all political prisoners and an end of the persecution of oppositional forces including the al-Ikhwan (Muslim Brotherhood).
We stand side by side with the militants who oppose the looming coup d’état in Brazil by reactionary forces from the PSDB and other right-wing forces. We call the workers’ movements to break with the popular front government of Dilma Rousseff while at the same time defend the latter against any reactionary coup d’état. We call for the formation of anti-coup action committees in the workplaces and in the districts and villages in order to mobilize the working class and the oppressed against the looming danger.
We stand shoulder to shoulder with our brothers and sisters and call for a second wave of the revolution in the Arab world. Such a second wave of revolution – to win real democracy for the workers, fellahin, and all oppressed – must orient itself towards the victory of the socialist revolution.
We stand in solidarity with the struggle against fascist and racist mobilizations, be it in Brazil, in Greece, in Hungary, in Germany, or in Israel against the Palestinian people and progressive Jews. We emphasize the need to smash all fascist forces before they decimate – with the help of sections of the ruling class – the workers’ movement.
We are part of the struggle against the biggest monsters of this epoch – the imperialist great powers: the US, EU, China, Russia, Japan, and others. We support the resistance struggle against imperialist occupation in Afghanistan, Palestine, Mali, Chechnya, East-Turkestan, Northern Ireland, and other countries. We oppose all forms of interference by the great powers since this can only lead to oppression and super-exploitation. We call for the withdrawal of imperialist forces and military bases from Iraq, Afghanistan, Bahrain, Chad, Mali, the Argentinean Malvinas-Isles, as well as many other countries of the South. In the present conflict in the east Ukraine we don’t support either side since it has been transformed into a proxy war between EU/US and Russia.
We stand against the reactionary forces of Dash/IS and call for them to be smashed by the Arab and Kurdish peoples. But we deny the imperialist powers and their proxies the right to fight against Dash/IS. We are opposed to allowing the biggest war criminals – the rulers of the US and the EU – to judge this mad gang of killers for whom they themselves are responsible.
On this May Day we restate our conviction that revolutionaries must unite in the struggle against imperialism and capitalism, for the liberation of the working class and all oppressed, and for the socialist revolution. Our chief task in the coming period is to overcome the crisis of working class leadership and to build a new world party of socialist revolution. Without such an international party with national sections around the world, the working class struggle cannot succeed.
The RCIT is dedicated to building such a world-wide party for socialist revolution – the fifth Workers’ International! Join us in this struggle!

Long Live May Day!

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