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Statement of the RKOB (Austrian Section of the RCIT), 18.5.2014,

A demonstration of about 150 fascists in Austria’s capital city Vienna was answered by an antifascist counter-mobilization of more than 700 people. We successfully stopped the Nazis to hold their inaugural rally as well as their march on the streets they had publicly announced. Given the fact that we clearly outnumbered them, the police pushed them into small side-streets. However when we were close to reach their final rally, the police reacted with massive brutality. As a result a pregnant woman lost her baby. All in all the police arrested 38 activists. One of them is our 16-year old comrade Clemens.
The demonstration was organized by a united front of antifascist organization, including the Revolutionary Communist Organization LIBERATION (RKOB, Austrian section of the RKOB) and the youth organization RED*REVOLUTION. Our militant contingent of RKOB and RED*REVOLUTION was characterized by a high level of organization and fighting spirit. We participated in the active defense of the demonstration. This is reflected in the numerous pictures of our block in the bourgeois media. (See, for example, the pictures at the website of the STANDARD, one of the big daily Austrian papers:
In the course of the police attack against the antifascist demonstration, our comrade Clemens was pepper-sprayed, beaten up and arrested. He is accused of “obstructing an officer in the performance of his duty” as well as “aggravated assault” against a police man. During his custody, he was repeatedly provoked and humiliated. For example he had to take off his all his clothes in front of the police except his underpants.
We call all anti-fascists to organize jointly a broad campaign in defense of Clemens and all other culprits. Without a doubt their defense is going to cost a lot of money. We therefore ask for donations on our solidarity account (see below).


A more detailed report in German language can be read here:

Link to photos of the demonstration:

Solidarity account for Clemens:
Bank Account: 04310-101-910
Bank Code: 14000
IBAN: AT291400004310101910

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