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US White Supremacist Craig Cobb: He's Part Black... /Neonazista descobre ao vivo em programa de TV que é 14% negro

US White Supremacist Craig Cobb TV Bombshell: He's Part Black

Neonazista descobre ao vivo em programa de TV que é 14% negro


Um supremacista branco que lidera uma iniciativa para transformar a cidade do Estado americano de Dakota do Norte em um "enclave branco" não gostou muito de uma notícia que recebeu ontem, ao vivo, em um programa de TV. Craig Cobb era um dos convidados de um talk show britânico quando soube que ele não é 100% branco. Um teste de DNA achou 14% de traços da África Subsaariana.
Quando a apresentadora começou a ler o resultado, e falou que Cobb era "86% europeu", a outra convidada, que era negra, começou a rir descontroladamente. Trisha Goddard, a apresentadora, seguiu lendo o resultado do teste. Para espanto do supremacista, ele ouviu ser 14% negro. "Espera um pouco", disse ele. Como resposta, recebeu um "você tem um pouco de negro dentro de você!".
Enquanto a convidada continuava se matando de rir, Trisha começou a brincar com Cobb. Ela levantou da sua cadeira e disse: "Hey, Brou", e fechou o punho para tentar cumprimentá-lo. A plateia aplaudiu de pé. Enquanto isso, a outra convidada tentava se recuperar do acesso de gargalhadas.




A notorious white supremacist in the US has found out he is part black - live on TV.
Craig Cobb, 62, who once said "racism is my religion", found out that 14% of his DNA is of sub Saharan African provenance on UK TV chat show Trisha.
Host Trisha Goddard announced that Cobb was of 86% European descent and 14% African. "Sweetheart, you have a little black in you," she said.
The announcement was met with raucous applause, with Cobb shouting: "Wait a minute, wait a minute."
He went on to deny the results. "This is called statistical noise," he said. "I'll tell you this: oil and water don't mix."
The 62-year-old, originally from Boston, is famous for his "whites only" village in Dakota. In an interview with MailOnline, he called black people "jungle bunnies" and "orks" and said they were "strolling biological early warning devices. They look bad, they sound bad and often times they smell bad," he said.
Cobb became involved with a group of white power supremicists in Estonia after moving there in 2005. He tried to establish the International Office of White Diaspora but was banned from the country for 10 years in 2009 and deported to Canada.
He returned to the US the following year and recently moved to North Dakota because of the high proportion of white residents. He moved to Leith in 2012, where he is trying to create a white supremacist community.

The town has one only black resident, who is married to a white woman. The couple have been targeted by members of the community.
He appeared on Trisha to publicise his whites-only village, which is closed to Jews and gay people too. "I don't think we want a diseased town, no," he said.
A clip of the revelation was gained by MailOnline. After dropping the bombshell, Trisha tried to bump fists with him and said: "So there you go, bro". The 62-year-old brushed off her gesture twice.
Cobb said later: "I agreed to the test because I assumed it was science. When I told Jeff Schoep [leader of the National Socialism Movement] he just laughed."
Cobb said the test was a fake orchestrated by executives who wanted to create "shock" television and "promote multiculturalism".
Asked if another tests showed he was descended from Africa, he said: "Well if I did have any n****r we don't want any more of it."

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